BAH(JollofNews) – An opposition party in the Gambia has condemned last week’s attempted coup in the country describing it as ‘undemocratic and unconstitutional’.

The National Reconciliation Party (NRP) said the attempt by dissidents based in the US, UK and Germany to overthrow the government of Yahya Jammeh is against the constitution of the Gambia and international protocols including the African Union and the United Nations.
“We totally condemn the coup attempt and we do not support it,” said Hamat Bah, leader of the NRP.
“We believe that people should not resolve their differences by violent means. We also believe that as Gambians, we should be able to resolve our differences through the ballot box instead of using force.”
Last Tuesday, a group of 10-12 Gambian dessidents attacked the presidential palace in Banjul in a bid to flush out President Jammeh from power. BAH
The dessidents said they had become disenchanted by the way Mr Jammeh was rigging elections and are concerned for the plight of the Gambian people.
But the NRP said, Gambians seeking to effect political change in the country must not resort to undemocratic means.
“There are rights and responsibilities given to the official opposition members by the constitution, which is the supreme law of the land” Mr Bah added.
“If you happen to be in power it is only fair that you respect the rights of those opposition parties. Give them their due by making sure that the constitutional provision that we should enjoy are respected so that under any other law that give us the privileges or the rights and responsibilities to do our jobs.”