Ya Binta Jarju(JollofNews) An opposition leader in the Gambia has described Saturday’s shooting of a 27-year-old Red Cross volunteer by armed Gambian soldiers in Manjai as a homicide that could have been avoided.

Ya Binta Jarju of Banjul, a volunteer at the Banjul branch of the Gambia Red Cross Society who also works as a cashier at Comfort Neon Sign, was killed after a local taxi she hired with her boyfriend, was fired upon by soldiers manning a security checkpoint in Manjai.
A statement by the Gambia Police Force described the incident as regrettable but said the taxi was shot at after it had refused to stop at a military checkpoint. mai fatty
But Mai Ahmed Fatty, leader of the Gambia Moral Congress party (GMC), said the homicide could have been prevented if security forces have acted with sufficient prudence and professionalism.
“Notwithstanding the circumstances, the security forces should have acted with sufficient prudence and professionalism so as to avert the fatal shooting of the young Red Cross volunteer,” he wrote on the party’s Facebook page. “Without prejudice to the determination of any possible investigation this was homicide that could have been prevented.”
While expressing condolence to the family and friends of the late Ms. Binta Jarju, Mr Fatty said his party demands for immediate thorough public investigation into the ‘preventable tragic incident’ and for the government to hold those culpable to swift account.
The GMC leader warned the Gambian regime of Yahya Jammeh that the “latest blood-bath” will not be brushed under the carpet as part of on-going institutionalised impunity.
He added: “The Gambia will never forget this, and no matter how long it takes, our citizens shall secure firm justice against all those who torture, kill or victimize our people. Make no mistake.”