OJ2(JollofNews) – An opposition leader in the Gambia has challenged President Yahya Jammeh to disclose his source of wealthto Gambians in the interest of transparency and good governance.

Omar Amadou Jallow of the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP), said although Mr Jammeh had no material when he took over the reigns of power in 1994, he has become the richest Gambian without telling Gambians how he generated such wealth with a short period.
“Jammeh should tell the Gambian people how he got all his wealth within such a short period of time,” Mr Jallow said.
“He [Jammeh] knows that I was richer than him when he assumed power in 1994 and former President Jawara never managed to be a millionaire throughout his presidency. So if Jammeh fails to reveal the source of his wealth to Gambians, then it will be justifiable for us to accuse him of corruption and economic crime.”
Mr Jallow, who was Agriculture minister in the PPP government, accused Mr Jammeh of not having the interest of Gambians at heart. OJ2He said Mr Jammeh and his regime have failed to improve the living conditions of Gambians.
He said the poverty rate in the Gambia is getting higher and higher with more than 80 per cent of the population unable to afford to put decent food on their tables.  He added that despite being the richest Gambian and presiding over a country that is rocked with sky rocketing prices of basic commodities, stagnant salaries, lack of essential drugs in hospitals and high youth unemployment, President Jammeh has ignored the plight of Gambians and is instead giving out millions of Dalasis to foreign celebrities.
Mr Jallow added: “With all these difficulties in the country we have a president who can dash millions of Dalasi to a foreign a wrestler while ignoring Gambian wrestlers who are in dire need of help. This money could have been given to the Gambia Wrestling Association to help our own wrestlers. In fact, the Gambia use to be the hub of wrestling in Senegambia and even Balla Gaye’s [Senegalese wrestler] father got his fame from her.
“It is a national disgrace to see the flamboyant lifestyle Jammeh is living while Gambians continue to endure pain and suffering. All this millions he is dashing lavishly to foreign celebrities could have been used to create opportunities to Gambians, especially the youths and women.”