Lawyer Ousainou Darbo(JollofNews) -President Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia is doing all he could to cling on to power by inducing fear in communities and denying Gambians their constitutional rights to have access to state responsibilities, opposition leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe of the United Democratic Party has claimed.

Mr Darboe said his party will take the fight to Mr Jammeh and with the continuous support and commitment of the Gambian people he will work hard to free the country from tyranny.

Writing on his Facebook page after visiting over 110 villages in the Kiangs and Jarras in five days as part of his ongoing country-wide tour, Mr Darboe said President Jammeh does not only abuse state powers, but has actually unsympathetically personalised it and deprived innocent Gambians what belongs to them.

He said Mr Jammeh has angered the Gambian people and the anger is raging and brewing.

Mr Darboe added: “The message as I said in the past, the end to fear instilled politics, the end to one man domination of our entire public space, the end to the involvement of security officers in our political and democratic affairs, the end to arbitrary arrest and detention of Lawyer Ousainou DarboGambians beyond 72hrs without being charged, bailed or released, the freeing of all political prisoners, we demand serious and whole scale electoral reforms that will see on the spot counting, a very neutral and fair IEC, transparent registration of voters among other things.

“If President Jammeh is brave, let him play fair and allow the law to prevail.

Gambians are demanding constitutional reforms also. President Jammeh’s apparent bravery was never known until he usurps state powers and all of a sudden he became the most gallant Gambian. “We don’t need gallantry in our presidency; we need constitutionality, obedience to the rule of law, adherence to the dictates of an independent judiciary, a proper and judicious civil service that is beyond corruption and nepotism. We want serious budgetary allocations to agriculture, education, health, communication etc.”

The UDP leader said in his bid to effect political change, he is belting out the message of hope and progress in the tour. He added that since he commenced the regional tour last week, he has seen a lot of progress and renewed determination among rural communities

He added: “In fact, in remote villages, people are telling us what they want the party to do. They want us to direct our message on no more longevity in being the president of our country. As politicians, we have to stand with the people.”