Lawyer Mai Fatty(JollofNews) – An exiled Gambian opposition leader has delivered a defiant message to President Yahya Jammeh urging him to step down or risk being forced out of power through legitimate means.

Mai Ahmed Fatty, leader of the Gambia Moral Congress party (GMC) said Gambians have had enough of Mr Jammeh and his regime and are determined to take their country back no matter what tricks or intimidation tactics he employs.
Mr Jammeh, 50, who has been ruling the Gambia with an iron fist for the past 20 years, is trying to price his rivals out of power by increasing the cost of contesting election by 100 times.
Under a planned new election law, anyone who wants to register either a political party or run a presidentialJammeh Yahya1 candidate will have to pay a fee of D1 million [approximately £15,000].
Opposition parties have denounced the bill describing it as preposterous and ridiculous and an attempt by Mr Jammeh to transform the country into a one party state.
But Mai Ahmed Fatty, said Mr Jammeh’s political machinations will not avail him.
“We don’t care if you introduce legislation declaring a one-party state,” Mr Fatty wrote on his party’s Facebook page.
“We don’t care if you pass a law scrapping the IEC [Independent Electoral Commission]. We don’t care if you file trumped-up bogus charges against ALL of us. We don’t care if you recruit a million mercenaries from Pluto. All we care about is our country, and we shall take it back from you! Either you step down, or you will be made to step down, and we shall do so legitimately.
“Your chest-pounding threats, menacing military arsenal surrounding you and your political machinations shall not avail you.”
Mr Fatty who has been living in exile since he survived a life-changing road traffic collision and alleged assassination attempt called on Gambian security officers particularly the feared National Intelligence Agency (NIA) not to allow themselves to be used by Mr Jammeh in his desperate attempt to cling to power. 
 He added: “Those of you Gambians at the NIA must not allow yourselves to be used as rented beasts against your own people. Sooner or later, all of your covers will be blown, and you will have to face Gambians with no Yahya Jammeh to protect you. Do not ruin your future lives and that of your family. Make no mistake.”