JAMMEH(JollofNews)- As if being president and minister of Defence is not enough, President Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia has taken over the position of minister of Agriculture.

Mr Jammeh who is also the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces and the ‘chief custodian of the sacred constitution of the Gambia’, already holds responsibility over several government departments.

He  will be assisted by a deputy minister in the day to day running of the ministry. He said the move was necessary to revitalise the country’s ailing Agriculture industry.
“As from today, I have taken full control of Agriculture,” Mr Jammeh said on Wednesday during a meeting with officials of the Agriculture ministry at State House.
“I am the minister of Agriculture and am going to appoint a deputy. So business as usual is history. From today change your ways. If you are a project manager do your work. Gone are the days when you will duplicate one field for two projects and when they come to assess because they come at a different time you send them to the same field and you have a very good track record”
Mr Jammeh said as minister of Agriculture, he is not going to allow a few individual to hold the country’s development to a ransom
He added: “There is no way the country can be independent and prosperous without people being well fed and as well there is no way they can be pious and pray to the Almighty Allah in the correct way without agriculture in this country. Agriculture is the oxygen of every individual in this country and it is one sector that I would not joke with.”