Modou Barrow
Modou Barrow

(JollofNews)– Modou Barrow’s car was attacked by Gambia fans after a football match in Mauritania, it has been claimed.
Swansea City player Barrow was playing for his country in an African Cup Of Nations qualifier at the time.
A vehicle he was using and one being driven by someone else were attacked with stones thrown, causing significant damage.
The second car was believed to be being used by Mauritania delegates to the qualifier at the independence stadium in Bakau.
Later, an apology ‘on behalf’ of fans was posted on the same page.
It said: “We are sorry and if you are sorry please comment sorry below.
“I am apologing to Modou Barrow and his family on behalf of we Gambia Football fans.
“To Modou Barrow, for The Gambia Football colour you believe in, and we still believe in you.
“We as Gambian football fans, I can understand our frustration because of the high expectations which lead to Barrow car stoning, we are wrong in this case, but I still believe we are right most of the time, right against footballers and football authorities. We are sorry.”
Momodou Sisay said: “I personally criticised Barrow’s performance over the two legs. But this is taking it too far. It should never have happened. Distasteful. And I am sure Barrow should understand this madness by some people not the entirety of the football fans.”
Strong Man said: “Some football fans are stupid and jealous. Why the hell should you stone someone’s car, after all, the person is sacrificing for the country.”
Some blamed the incident on frustration at the team’s performance – Mauritania lost the match, held on March 25, 2-1.
King Kbuteh Conteh said: “For me I don’t blame the fans for that action, because they are out of control – stoning Barrow’s car, I think he should understand that.
“Barrow is the reason why most of the fans went to the stadium, he is the one we put our hope on, he is the fans’ favoured player, so if we lose and he did not deliver up to our expectation though, that’s not his intention, and the fans also mad at him and stoning his car is not their intention as well.
“In this case I hope and believe Barrow will understand that misbehavior from fans. But it is not their intention, that’s the nature of the fans. Star Barrow, please accept our apology.”

Courtesy of South Wales Evening Post