gambia senegal border(JollofNews) – At least five Gambian ministers led by the transport minister are in Dakar to discuss the Gambia-Senegal border closure with their Senegal counterparts.

Senegalese transport union, known by its French acronym, SNTTRS, boycotted the Trans-Gambia ferry crossing following the Gambia’s unilateral increase in ferry tariffs.

“The Gambian delegation of five ministers will discuss with Senegal the possible lifting of the blockade of the Trans-Gambia ferry crossing and the extradition of escaped prisoner Boy Djinne who sought refuge in the Gambia where he was arrested and released as Senegal requested for his extradition,” APA quoted the Radio Futurs Media.

Senegalese transporters have been protesting the 400,000 CFA francs increment in tariffs to cross the River Gambia via Farafenni. Drivers are now bypassing The Gambia by traveling to eastern Senegal and then to Cassamance, in the south.

The border boycott is causing a fuel shortage in the Gambia and the national electricity company, Nawec, is rationing supply.

Also, ministers are expected to discuss the start of the construction of the Farafenni bridge which has its foundation stone laid in February last year.