Hamat Bah

(JollofNews) – The leader of the opposition National Reconciliation Party (NRP), Hamat Bah, has criticised the recent statement made by President Yahya Jammeh during the State Opening of Parliament last week, saying some pertinent issues were left out.

Though President Jammeh made a lengthy statement full of promises, but Bah, who once served as a National Assembly member, in an exclusive interview told APA that he was unimpressed by the speech.

“There was nothing new that Jammeh was offering to Gambians. We are tired of promises that are never fulfilled,” he stressed.

He added: “He talked about Vision 2016 last year, nothing has happened. That [Vision 2016] has become a dismal failure. All what we saw is land grabbing in the name of Kanilai Farms throughout the country. But as far as we are concerned, Vision 2016 is a failure in a massive scale.”

Bah said what President Jammeh should have talked about is the ailing economy, and the negative impact it has on the lives of the people, freedom of the press, liberty of Gambians and a foreign policy that is geared towards the interest of Gambians.

“And the issue of corruption, transparency,accountability is what Gambians want.”
He called on Jammeh to clarify certain murky issues such as sand mining in the coastal settlement of Sanyang as well as who is behind the export of containers of cane-wood load out of the country.

He concluded by vowing that Jammeh must be removed from power. “How to get it done is what we are working on, but he must be shown the door,” he said.

Courtesy of Star Africa.