Jammeh April(JollofNews) – Another April 10 & 11 anniversary  is here again and still no justice for the innocent children murdered by their own country’s military and police.

The ghastly killing of those defenseless students in the two-day event is indeed still fresh in the minds of most Gambians, and it will remain so until justice is done.

You can stifle the chance of the people commemorating it in the open, but you can’t kill the strong feeling of the people towards the loss of their loved ones.

Some have described April 10 & 11 as a forgotten history. No way!

It’s no doubt among the saddest days in Gambia’s history; when security forces, under the authority of the same government that is meant to protect them, fired live bullets on the protesting students resulting in the death of 14 of them, including a journalist. Many more were injured and most are permanently handicapped.

The report by the government sanctioned commission of inquiry on the incident identified security officers, including members of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU), and even the military.

But what did we hear? An indemnity bill seeking to indemnify the perpetrators.

What happened to the constitution Yahya Jammeh had sworn to protect?

Sadly, up to this day, going by authoritative media reports in Gambia, no reasonable support has been accorded the victims, by the government.

Under this circumstance, how could anyone justify that the APRC government of Jammeh cannot be blamed for its obvious part in the whole incident?

Yet we have heard Jammeh splashed with endless praises for being the best humanitarian of the century.

May the souls of the dead victims of that sorrowful day rest in peace, and for the injured, may God touch the heart of the real good ones to remember them in their continued troubles!

As for those responsible, it’s just a matter of time. The long arm of justice is slowing getting closer.