Gambia opposition UDP protest
UDP Leader Ousainou Darboe, fourth from the right, leading protest on Saturday.

(JollofNews) – Authorities in the Gambia have filed criminal charges against supporters of the main opposition United Democratic Party  (UDP) who were arrested last week for taking part in a street protest.

The party’s leader, Ousainou Darboe and an unknown number of his supporters are currently detained at an unknown detention centers after they took to the streets to seek justice for their colleagues who were arrested last Thursday and are allegedly tortured by security officers.

Several other demonstrators were severely wounded when security forces led by officers from the State Guards allegedly fired live ammunition on the crowd.

Saturday’s peaceful march was triggered by the arrest and detention of about 25 Gambian youths who were out in the streets peacefully demanding electoral reforms.

The Gambia government has defended the crackdown on the UDP, which it blamed for taking part in an illegal assembly.

The government is yet to reveal the charges against the detainees but sources close to the Ministry of Justice say they are being indicted for public order offences.