Who do you think you are?

Just because you are
Now our president
You think that you are super-God
No no, you are only human.
We only gave you a mandate to rule
And not a weapon to kill, torture and jail us.
We have a right to criticise you
We have a right to remove you
We have a right do what we want
And say what we want.
You swore by the Holy Qur’an,
The noble book of Allah
That you will defend and respect our rights
But instead you put a bullet in our heads for exercising
Those god-given rights enshrined in our constitution
Just because you think you are a super-God.
Have you not seen
Thousands of your kind
Who because of their arrogance
Who because of their wickedness
Who because of their greed
Woke up one nice sunny day
And lost everything or
Worst still ended up in a box
Have you not seen
What happened to your friends
Ould Taya of Mauritania
Charles Taylor of Liberia,
João Bernardo “Nino” Vieira of Bissau
Laurent Gbagbo of  Côte d’Ivoire
And of course Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi of Libya?
Just because we are a peace-loving people
You think that we are cowards
Who you can threaten to bury nine feet deep
Know that there are thousands
Of us who are a million times braver than you
So watch your steps, be careful what you say
Think about the implications of your words and actions
And open your eyes
Remember that the world
Is like a ball and it is
Rotating every day
And the more it rotates
The more changes happen
Do you think that you
Will remain in power forever and ever
No no no, you will not
Don’t allow your ego to get the better of you
Do not be fooled by the number and strength of your military
Do not be fooled by the number of people who turn up to your rallies
Or line up the road to watch your convoy.
Nothing lasts forever.
Do you ever sit and think about
Something call future
Have you ever thought about what
Will happen to you when you
Are no longer call president
Remember that you shall
Reap what you sow
If not in this world
You still would on the
Day of Judgement when
All beings shall be accounted for
Anything they did on earth.
So please, please lower your grace
And be a gentleman and a noble president.
I know that you will be angry with me
And order for my arrest, torture and even killing
But ask yourself, why is this dude putting himself at risk
To speak out against the way I am ruling my people?
It is because I love our country and our people.
I seek no favours from you or your regime
But only doing what you asked us to do
When you came to power in 1994 –
Criticising you when you are wrong
 I am only but a warner and a patriot.