President Yahya Jammeh
President Yahya Jammeh

(JollofNews) – Authorities in the Gambia have sacked 27 government officials including ten permanent secretaries on suspicion of having fraudulently acquired official cars and other items, state television said on Tuesday.

The officials are being investigated by the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) for  allegedly trying to fraudulently auction some 545 vehicles belonging to the Gambia Government.

Among the sacked officials includes Yira Jammeh (Senior Assistant Secretary), Ministry of Petroleum & Energy; Sanna Gassama (Chief Driver) Ministry of Justice; Roheyatou Kah (Deputy Permanent Secretary), Ministry Petroleum & Energy; Fafa Sanyang (Permanent Secretary) Ministry of Petroleum & Energy; Modoulamin Jammeh (SEO) Ministry of Lands; Malang Jammeh (Chief Driver) Ministry of Trade, Industry & Employment; Momodou Saidy  Leigh (SFO) Ministry of Fisheries; Fatoumatta Bah (PO) Ministry of Fisheries; Cherno Barry (Permanent Secretary) Ministry of Higher Education, Research Science & Technology; Cherno Njie (TC) Ministry of Agriculture; Bernard Mendy (Director of Protocol) Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Abdoulie Jallow (Protocol) Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Aja Fatou Gaye (SDC) Department of Physical Planning; Abdoulie Jallow (Permanent Secretary)  Ministry of Finance; Naffie Barry (Permanent Secretary) Ministry of Trade, Industry  & Employment; Kaideng Sambou (PO) Ministry of Finance; Habib Jarra (Permanent Secretary)  Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Lamin Sanneh (Permanent Secretary 2) Ministry of Lands and Regional Government; Aussainou B. Jorbateh (DoCV) Ministry of Lands and Regional Government; Abdoulie Jarra (Permanent Secretary) Fisheries; Abdoulie Jallow (Principal Assistant Secretary) Ministry of Lands and Regional Government; Famara Darboe  former (AG. Director)  Ministry of Fisheries; Lamin Ceesay (Chief Driver) Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Jerreh Sanyang (Deputy Permanent Secretary) Ministry of Higher Education Research, Science & Technology; Tijan Jeng (PO)   Ministry of Information Communication Infrastructure; Lamin Camara (Permanent Secretary)  Ministry of Information Communication Infrastructure; and Aminata Samega Janneh (Assistant Secretary)  Ministry of Trade, Industry & Employment.

Although the officials are yet to be charged with any criminal offence, President Yahya Jammeh on Wednesday accused them of trying sell the vehicles for D4.5 million.

He said if the sale had gone through, the vehicles would have been sold for around D8,000 each.

“Some of them are brand new ones which were reported to be sold at D20,000,” he said.

“They only ran for few months. They did not send the cars to a qualified mechanic to know the condition of the vehicles and there was no report to identify the condition of the vehicles.

“Only permanent secretaries, deputy permanent secretaries, or protocol officers determined the state of the cars. These cars are now in Kotu Central workshop and I invited the GRTS to go and film them and show them to the whole country.”