Mamma Kandeh, GDC leader
Mamma Kandeh, GDC leader

(JollofNews) – The opposition Gambia Democratic Congress party has rubbished rumours that it has been disqualified from taking part in next month’s presidential election

It was rumours on social networking sites that the country’s electoral commission has blocked the GDC’s Mamma Kandeh’s nomination for some unexplained reasons.

Mr Kandeh 51, was nominated on Tuesday as one of President Yahya Jammeh’s challengers in the election. He has been subjected to abuse and criticism since he refused to be part of an opposition coalition.

But reacting to the rumours, Mr Kandeh accused his critics of spreading lies and misinformation about him and his party.

He added: “The GDC juggernaut is in motion and will crush anything on its way. As we enter the campaign trail, others are busy with their tactic of misinformation.They said we won’t get registered, we did.They said we didn’t have followers, we produced unprecedented crowds. They said we won’t get nominated, we emphatically did. They said we are sponsored by Jammeh, now they know that’s not a convincing lie anymore. Now they are saying again that we’ve been disqualified, we are ready to accept all lies, accusations, allegations and anger but we will succeed.”

Mr Kandeh, a former governing party MP, formed his party early this year and is popular among independent voters.