Adama Barrow, Coalition 2016 candidate
Adama Barrow, Coalition 2016 candidate

(JollofNews) – Gambia’s main opposition figure has laughed off President Yahya Jammeh’s threat that ‘no election or internal/external military’ will remove him from power.

Adama Barrow,51, who is leading the opposition coalition, said Mr Jammeh’s threats were mere bluffs because he (Jammeh) knows Gambians are ready for change.

“He knows that people are suffering that’s why he is making those threats,” said Barrow.

In an interview with BBC’s Focus on Africa, Mr Barrow added: “Members of the coalition are committed to the alliance and none among us will be compromise this is what bind us together.”

“The entire development of the country ranging from agriculture to human rights is going down the drain and this is why the people are yearning for change. Farming has been a source of income in this country and if elected my government will invest heavily in this sector.

“The election system is not level in the Gambia because in Africa an incumbent always have an advantage over his opponents but all the same this time around Gambians are ready for change,” Mr Barrow noted.

The Gambia with a population of less than two million, will hold presidential election on 1st December with 886, 578 Gambians expected to vote, according official figures from the electoral commission.

The country operates a simple majority vote system. The electoral commission has this year introduced an ‘on the spot vote count system’ to increase transparency and a candidate who has a simple majority of votes would be declared winner.