Madi Jobarteh
Madi Jobarteh

(JollofNews) – It has been 24 hours and the president-elect has not addressed us the Gambians. Why? Why was there not a victory speech prepared since days before to deliver the moment the IEC declared the results?

We gave him our mandate and the IEC confirmed him the winner, therefore the first and only person we need to hear from is Mr. Adama Barrow.

We need to know whether he shares with our deepest aspirations and concerns. We need to hear his policy indications and directions. We have issues of political prisoners in jail. We have tens of Gambians in unknown detentions centres. What about them? We have Yaya Jammeh who is in custody of vital national information and secrets. What is he doing with them? We have Kanilai. What is there? What is Yaya Jammeh planning to take out and what evidence is he destroying, and so many other concerns.

We have the NIA and ex-officio security units such as the Junglers, Black-Black, etc. Who are they? Where are they?

Has Barrow contacted the heads of the army, NIA and police to touch base on national issues? Have they given any security briefing to Adama this morning? Is the Gambian State giving Adama Barrow VIP protection in his home and everywhere?

Has Adama met with the diplomatic community and the Gambian private sector and the NGO community and our religious and traditional leaders as well as youth and women leaders? What are his plans?

Why is GRTS not showing the New Gambia by having an exclusive interview with Adama Barrow and all Gambians about our expectations and concerns and issues? We do not want to see APRC militants telling bull and cock stories about peace and reconciliation. Do they ever saw themselves as Gambians when they have bastardised every bit of our values and institutions and resources with impunity?

We don’t want to see them on our national television. We want to see and hear Adama Barrow, Fatoumatta Tambajang, Isatou Touray, Halifa Sallah, Mai Fatty, Hamat Bah, Bolong Bojang, OJ, and Mama Kandeh. Not APRC stooges. We want to hear the voices of Gambian private sector people, the NGO people, the media people, the academics and the common man and woman in the markets and streets and farms from Banjul to Basse.

GRTS, fulfill your national obligation after failing us for 15 years since your creation.

We do not expect all of these to take place within 24 hours but we need to get an indication of the thought processes and actions of our president-elect.

Adama Barrow, we are listening!

Gambians, demand a New Gambia not just regime change. We need new values, standards and processes. We need good governance and true democracy.