Yankuba Colley
Yankuba Colley

(JollofNews) – The national mobiliser of President Yahya Jammeh’s  APRC has called on the vanguards of the party and its supporters to unite and work towards achieving victory in subsequent elections.

Mr Jammeh’s party which has been governing the Gambia since 1996 was defeated in last Thursday’s election by a coalition of opposition parties. Mr Jammeh has conceded defeated and is due to hand over power to his successor Adama Barrow in mid-January.

But Yankuba Colley, national mobiliser of the Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) and mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) said despite its shocking defeat, the party still remains strong and solidly behind  Mr Jammeh will continue to proactively play its role in politics in the Gambia now and in the future.

Yankuba Colley and President Jammeh at the APRC congress
Yankuba Colley and President Jammeh at the APRC congress in Kanilai

“It is in this regard that we call upon the vanguards of the party together with all APRC militants, supporters and sympathisers to remain solidly behind the party and work towards achieving victory in subsequent elections,” Mr Colley said in a media statement.

He added: “By all indices and matrices, the APRC is still the biggest and strongest political party in the country and through our collective determination and efforts; we shall prevail in the Gambia’s political landscape and contribute to the development of our country in line with the democratic aspirations of our people.

“I thank everyone, especially the various party structures at the grassroots together with their executives and members for their handwork.I wish to encourage them to remain steadfast and in the next elections, the APRC shall sweep the polls once again, by the grace of Allah.”