Mai Ahmad Fatty

(JollofNews) – Gambia’s President-elect Adama Barrow has dismissed President Yahya Jammeh’s attempts to challenge the December 1st election results in the Supreme Court of the Gambia.

In a media statement read on his behalf by Mai Ahmad Fatty, Mr Barrow  said the Supreme Cour of the Gambia has not been constituted for over a years and Mr Jammeh does not have the power in the last days of his presidency to appoint any supreme court judge in the Gambia and swear them in for the purpose of receiving his petition and make determination on an election that has already been concluded.

“We therefore dismiss the attempt to legitimise the illegal action of the outgoing president an even the idea that this actions are capable of being legitimised,” Mr Barrow said.

He added: “Any petition filed in court will be a further demonstration that the outgoing president and his party have no respect or regard for the Gambian people, are bent on ignoring their aspiration, and on undermining the transition process.”

Mr Barrow reiterated the call of the international community, in particular and United Nations Security Council, ECOWAS and the AU, and demand that outgoing President Jammeh immediately steep down and handover power.

“We also call on the APRC to prevail on their Secretary General, the outgoing President, to respect the outcome of the election and to refrain from any futile attempt to further subvert the Gambian people’s yearning for true democracy,” he said.

“The APRC must also immediately stop inciting division and spreading false rumours about non-existence partisan and tribal violence.”