Michael Scales

(Jollofnews) – I have been thinking a lot lately about the ongoing political situation in the Gambia and it reminded me of that historical speech by Harold Macmillan aimed at Harold Wilson in the British House of Commons: “He didn’t say yes, he didn’t say no, he didn’t say stop, he didn’t say go”

Maybe President Jammeh thinks he can, but he can’t and so say all of us. Anyway, as long as there are guns under the command of this failed leader, we must pause for a second if only for breath, hoping it won’t be the Gambia’s last.

The diplomats are calling for calm whilst Jammeh is speaking softly, his last lullaby to the presidency.  He was never going quietly.

This is the man who said he was going to rule the Gambia for a billion year. The Romans said it first. Hitler said it last and Jammeh said it, but the people only paused for a moment and carried on with their daily business of survival. Because as the day ends for the Gambian people, 22 years without hope, survival has been the name of this game.

Jammeh is trying to cling to power

Ceaser fiddled as Rome burned and Hitler was bunkered taking poison with his long time lover. How did it ever come to this? They must have asked?

So it is going to end, but will Jammeh fiddle or will he need company? We who have drunk from this Gambian well of misery for too long almost expect this bull to be brave and put up a good fight for life as the Matador sinks his final lance into its broad neck. Will it be a bloody spectacle or a silent exit with dignity covered in shame. I suspect it will be neither, but a cowards plea bargain for mercy.  “Et Tu Brutus”

This is a truly African tale. But Africa needs this result as it emerges truly independent from foreign influence. Yes, all Africa needs this.

Maybe Mr Jammeh can give Africa something to remember him by as he cries out for forgiveness. Africa’s Eva Peron .Don’t cry for me … And so history speaks another day.  It is over old “friend” Time to go.