Michael Scales

(JollofNews) – It is a natural trait of some Gambians to launch into fantasia, thinking the British SAS will spectacularly creep into Mr Jammeh’s bed chamber at dead of the night to extract the incumbent by the ears, and whisk him away.

Honestly speaking, I think the SAS would be better employed doing Britain a favour and doing that to Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn. I would think it would be better if the British Isles would concede its national states to all become Scottish and move out this next 10 year political and economic famine.

The British have been remarkably quiet about Mr Jammeh’s defiance. Britain long ago conceded its global power to the United States and have recently rejected its European member status (a backlash from the poor against the rich in Brussels). We remain proud and democratic but internationally and financially broke. A classic combination that explains “Little England” and Winston Churchill must be spinning in his grave…lol. God bless him.

I was somewhat surprised to read that Adama Barrow has offered Mr Jammeh relief from prosecution and a free passage back to his home village, Kanilai. He made this promise whilst he is still not confirmed and sworn-in as president.

Some of his colleagues appear to be in total disagreement with this promise, not to mention the many Gambian citizens who would be due compensation, if there singular applications for death, torture and wrongful incarceration were to be finally considered through a reliable and independent court.

The African way is through truth and reconciliation, thus wiping the slate clean and moving to the next  democratic crisis.  How demeaning and humiliating for those Ecowas leaders who came to Banjul and left with nothing.

Ecowas leaders met Jammeh to persuade him to handover power

So what’s fresh?   I suppose Mr Barrow and his disenfranchised companions could take up permanent residence in a Senegalese hotel at the behest of the Senegalese tax payers. I would like to place a bet with Ladbrokes on Mr Jammeh winning the re-convened election. Who dares wins. My compliments to the Gambian Bar Association for pointing out how “normal “ law stands right now. But this is not a normal situation, and Mr Jammeh still rules by his rules and the devil can take the hindmost.

The US and UN condemnation is only echoes of a failed institution, governed by divisive national interest. It has lost all credibility as a humane and just organisation since the illegal invasion of Iraq and the wanton murder in Syria.

Mr Jammeh’s pet retort that the Gambia will not be colonised again will still negate the shame of past history from the West for the African. I have never underestimated Mr Jammeh’s intelligence and self-belief. Any sanctions will only hurt the poor and any attempt to arrest Mr Jammeh abroad will be worthless. He is not going anywhere.

Perhaps the British are “quiet” because they know the measure of Yahya Jammeh. Whilst he has the will and the support of the army he can deal with all comers. But we already knew this. Meanwhile the Gambian economy is dead and any new ideas are stagnant.