Michael Scales

(JollofNews) – King Canute, is a story that springs to mind as I further consider the political impasse in the Gambia. Though the story is often misrepresented by historical commentaries to mean something else, the one narrated by Henry of Huntingdon in the 12th Century, states that King Canute was so sick of his courtiers and their sycophantic belief that a king is more powerful than God.

One day he placed his chair by the sea and commanded the waves to halt. Of course the waves did not and the king got his feet wet. Hence the phrase “don’t get your feet wet” was coined forever. The king was said to have then placed his crown on a crucifix and never wore it again. Thus all power is derived through God and not by kings, this wise and pious king declared. So who is attempting to get their feet wet in Banjul? It’s  a good question that I will leave to history.

My compliments to JollofNews for allowing both  sides of this debate to take to ink. This is truly  a democratic paper run and edited by Gambians. I am always interested to read Demba Jawo, Samsudeen Sarr, and Dida Halake. They are three wise men with different views, and their commentaries are great.  Their writings are all with  good conscience and belief and based upon individual experience.

It is of course a democratic principle to change one’s mind and reading Mr Jammeh’s latest contribution, he could never be accused of being a coward. Neither is he for changing his mind, at least not today. But maybe tomorrow. We shall see.

It was interesting to read President Francois Hollande of France’s remarks during a visit by the President of Senegal to Paris that Mr Jammeh must handover power. But Mr Hollande  may not be in office much longer. This is another “slap in the face” for the British. So many of Mr Jammeh’s foreign diplomats are urging the same. This is a significant crescendo of objection by Mr Jammeh.

Yet Mr Jammeh remains steadfast towards a new election, should a new supreme court uphold his objection. This will all take time. But time and tide wait for no man.

May I wish all Gambians a very Merry Christmas and a just outcome in 2017 In Sha Allah.