Seedy Njie

(JollofNews) – A nominated member of the Gambia’s National Assembly has become the first lawmaker in the country to publicly defend President Yahya Jammeh’s challenge to the results of the December 1st presidential election.

Seedy Njie said Mr Jammeh’s lawsuit to the supreme court was done in accordance with the laws of the country and Gambians should respect the rule of law and wait for the decision of the court.

“The petition was done in accordance with section 49 of the constitution which stats that any registered political party which had participated in the presidential election or an independent candidate who has participated in such an election may apply to the supreme court to determine the validity of the result of a president by filing a petition within 10 days of the declaration of the result of the election,” he said.

Mr Njie who was nominated to the country’s lawmaking body by President Jammeh said the lawsuit was filed to the court within a week after the announcement of the results.

He said there were serious irregularities in the election and thousands of Gambians with voters’ cards were denied voting even though they were at the polling centres before polling closed.

“There are ample evidence of that and there are also evidence that Independent Electoral Commission officials denied the APRC polling agents access to polling stations until late in the day,” he added.

“There is no law anywhere in the world that states one cannot concede defeat and change his or her mind when the person realised some irregularities.

“Currently as we speak Hillary Clinton conceded defeat in the US Presidential Election but the Democrats are going to court and in fact some states are recounting the votes.”

Mr Njie called on Gambians to desist from inciting violence and using social media to hurl insults at Mr Jammeh and his party officials.

He added: “Let’s do away with false rumours and misleading information. Let parents and religious leaders preach peace as we await the outcome of the matter before the court.”