((JollofNews)- When I first heard the story that Amadou Samba had abandoned Jammeh and is in Dakar, I asked the Gambian friend: “Where is Minister of Information Sheriff Bojang?”

As far as we all know, Sheriff is still serving in Jammeh’s government and, I think, there is no way Amadou will abandon Sheriff there and run. After Baba Jobe was jailed, Amadou became the Shadow President nominating Ministers and even late Chief Justice Savage himself (the CJ told me on a trip to Kanilai with President Koroma and Jammeh).

There is no doubt that Amadou Samba, Sheriff Bojang’s God-father, got him into Jammeh’s cabinet. To my mind, I cannot conceive of Amadou Samba abandoning Sheriff Bojang to a fuming Yahya Jammeh – when during the last 22-years Amadou Samba had on many occasions protected Sheriff against Jammeh’s anger.

Secondly, if I heard correctly that Amadou first mentioned resignation to Jammeh over the phone while Amadou was in The Gambia, and Jammeh got angry and “hung up on Amadou”, how did Amadou manage to run to Dakar? With all Jammeh’s heightened security?

Could it be that “abandoning Jammeh” is a bluff to hoodwink the Government in Dakar so that Jammeh could learn of Macky Sall’s plans through Amadou Samba? In otherwords, was Amadou Samba sent to Dakar by Jammeh himself??!! “The name is Samba, 007 Amadou Samba – on King Kanilai’s Secret Service”???

Thirdly, where are Muhammad Bazzi and Muhammad Jah? These are close business partners of Amadou Samba and Yahya Jammeh. Could Amadou Samba abscond without letting his close associates Bazzi and Jah know? They have huge investments together – and Bazzi and Jah would see Amadou’s move as a betrayal.

Would Amadou do that to his business associates? I somehow don’t think so. As Amadou’s letter says, he has been loyal for 22 years to his friends and to Jammeh and I don’t see Amadou being disloyal now. I don’t buy all that “my children” and “I love Gambia and Gambians” BS!

Amadeus Samba and President Jammeh

Amadou’s children are living the high-life in UK or USA, and many Gambians will come out to sue Amadou for their suffering over the last 22-years. And if Gambia’s new Government is to chase Jammeh’s “Abacha Loot”, the one person they would need answers from is Amadou Samba – we have all read the stuff in the Panama Papers.

Finally, I also know Amadou well, having once famously sent Amadou’s driver back to Amadou with the message: “Send 10 dalasi if you want a copy of the Observer”: I did that without running away and lived to tell the tale.

I believe Amadou is a brave man too – and would have handed the RESIGN letter to Jammeh by hand, without running away to Dakar. That is the Amadou I know – not a coward to run to Dakar and send the letter via on-line media! Even Pa Mbai’s transcript of Amadou’s phone conversation doesn’t sound right – Amadou’s talk seems contrived (no doubt Pa is reporting it accurately!)

One last thing, Amadou knew like many people that Jammeh would lose the election – and there is no way Amadou would have remained in The Gambia, even going with Jammeh to Jammeh’s nomination if Amadou Samba ever thought of a change of Government. Amadou is smart, very smart, scary smart – which means he would have moved all his assets out of The Gambia long before the election results were announced and left.

I am afraid, for all these reasons, I am suspicious of Amadou Samba’s “RESIGN” message to Jammeh.

Dida Halake,
Notting Hill,
London, UK