Michael Scales

(JollofNews) – Speaking for myself, I would always trust Amadou Samba’s judgement. This is because in the many times we have met and discussed the business proposals in hand, I found him to be decisive and trustworthy and not a man to suffer business fools gladly.

When I was presented with support from Trade International and the then British minister of Trade and Industry, Rt. Honourable Richard Coborn MP, in May 2000, Mr Samba was introduced to  me as the best businessman in the Gambia and someone  I  should “court” for support given his knowledge on “how to do business in the Gambia”.

Sadly, my business proposals came to nothing but it was never a reflection in any way upon Mr Samba. He was definitely “Premier League” and my British business investors only “second division”.

I was very impressed to visit Mr Samba in the morning at our pre-arranged meeting and see him in one of President Jammeh’s  Landrover in the afternoon, followed by thousands of farm ladies dressed in green on the Banjul to Serrekunda highway. Mr Jammeh won that election easily.

For Amadou Samba to ask President Jammeh to accept the results of the December 1st  presidential election is by far the strongest voice to support President elect Barrow.

I have asked Mr Samba several times for a political opinion and his pet answer was always “I am a businessman not a politician”. And in my six years of association, it is to the best of my knowledge that his much publicised letter to President Jammeh is the only time he has ever given a political opinion. He is of course also a trained and accomplished lawyer and this was reflected in our careful exchanges.

There was always a conflict between the bright young business advocates at Trade Partners on Victoria Street, London and the British High Commission in Banjul, whose officers were at times very negative and downright insulting.

Amadou Samba and President Jammeh

Hence I have always been grateful to President Jammeh and the APRC for their high level of support. We did achieve some good results at community level and my shared honorary citizenship with Mr Arsene Wenger of Arsenal FC from Gunjur is amongst my most treasured possessions.

What is of paramount importance now is the transition of peace and security from outgoing President Jammeh to incoming President Barrow. I can only echo the many wise commentators who are calling for the Gambia Armed Forces to follow the will of the people.

The details now given by Mr Jammeh’s advocates at the Supreme Court don’t really amount to much, and in any case, the combined majority against President Jammeh of 60 per cent is a significant vote in favour of the change demanded by the Gambian people.

Should there be any bloodshed or conflict (god forbid), this must reflect upon President Jammeh and his position as the sworn defender of the Gambian constitution and the safe keeping of all Gambians and their property up and until the end of his mandate on 18th January 2017.

The tide has now changed. My thanks and gratitude to Amadou Samba for making Gambia’s new future very clear for us all. God Bless The Gambia.