Yankuba Sonko Inspector General of Police

(JollofNews) – The Gambian police have issued a statement explaining that its directive for conyoy users to acquire police permit does not apply to President-elect Adama Barrow.

Police said their directive was made in good faith and is not meant to maliciously target any particular group of individuals.

The statement state: “It could be recalled that some people are in the habit of forming convoys during marriage ceremonies notably occasioned at the office of Registrar of Marriages at the Ministry of Justice in Banjul. Such convoys would thereafter move from Banjul to other parts of the Greater Banjul Areas (KSMD) which on many occasion leads to the obstruction of the free flow of traffic.

“In light of the above, the Office of the Inspector General of Police deems it necessary to act in consonance with its mandate as embedded in the Constitution and making particular regards to the Motor Traffic Act remind the public of its duty in ensuring the free movement of goods and persons. It is therefore incumbent upon anyone wishing to indulge in same to place a request with the Office of The Inspector General of Police for the issuance of Permit upon processing.”

Meanwhile, following the media statement on Monday, officials representing President-elect Adama Barrow have engaged the Inspector General of Police to clarify the announcement as regards the movements of the president-elect.

During the meeting, the Inspector General of Police clarified that his announcement does not apply to the President-elect Adama Barrow.

Police will allow Mr Barrow’s convoys to proceed to destinations on his schedule under normal traffic flows as he meets and interacts with a broad spectrum of Gambian society in the run-up to the inauguration on 19 January 2017.