(JollofNews) – “The Spirit of the Lord is on me … he has sent me to proclaim freedom … (to enable) the blind to see … to set the oppressed free”. Luke 4:18

For 22 years Yahya Jammeh, self-proclaimed “Dictator of The Gambia” has terrorised and frightened the lives out of The Gambian people. In the last six years, the murders, the disappearances, the jailings and the tortures of Gambians by Yahya Jammeh has become completely unrestrained.

But you can only terrorise people so much. There is always a limit, and Jammeh’s limit was reached when he tortured and murdered Solo Sandeng, tortured and raped those UDP Ladies, and then jailed UDP-Leader Lawyer Usainou Darboe when he protested the tortures, murders and killings.

Dida Halake

The Gambians decided that was it and voted Jammeh out. Surprised, he accept defeat to eve

ryone’s surprise. A week later he changed his mind, decided to “annul the elections” and put his soldiers on the street of The Gambia to shoot dead any Gambians who protested.

And then, playing the same old foolish divide-and-rule game, Yahya Jammeh called religious leaders to his office to urge them to mollify the people for him because, in his own words, “people trust you more than they trust politicians”!! Little did Jammeh reckon with the fire in the belly of the woman Methodist Bishop of The Gambia, a woman fired up by the Spirit of the Living God. Paste this title into utube and feel the power. It reminds me of Dr. Martin Luther King’s I have a Dream speech.