Madi Jobarteh

(JollofNews) – Yahya Jammeh you do not speak for me! Take Back Your New Year Message.

1. Yahya Jammeh you have lost the election fair and square. The recalculation of the results does not change or affect the credibility and the accuracy of the vote.

2. Stop saying Fellow Gambians. We are not your Fellow Gambian. You are an enemy of the Gambia.

3. Stop confusing yourself and respect the verdict of the people.

4. Stop speaking of Allah since you do not believe in Allah.

5. Stop talking about justice because you never believe in justice.

6. Stop talking about patriotism because you are not patriotic.

7. Stop speaking about our national anthem because you pollute every word of our national anthem.

8. Stop talking about peace because you only give violence to Gambians.

9. Stop talking about human rights because you have never respected any human right of Gambians.

10. Stop talking about our constitution because you have flouted every rule of our constitution.

11. You cannot discredit the IEC. We the people have trust in the IEC.

12. Stop talking about Gambian sovereignty because you have damaged our sovereignty already.

13. No one is going to defend the country with you. We want you to leave because we have voted you out.

14. ECOWAS has not insulted our constitution; instead you are the one insulting our constitution.

15. ECOWAS is only defending our constitution

16. ECOWAS is not partisan but fulfilling its legal obligations.

17. The issue is not about promoting world peace. We are not interested in your world peace.

18. The issue has noting to do with the army. It is about you to step down.

19. You have no right to call for another election. Your term ends on January 19. We have decided.

20. Take back your New Year wishes and step down.

May Allah reject your prayers and wishes, as you do not believe in Allah!

We are not an Islamic Republic. Step Down!