Samsudeen Sarr

(JollofNews)- I once again want us all to take a hard look at the Gambia’s presidential election controversy challenged by the APRC government because of the obvious incompetence of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) or its culpability in conducting a fraudulent election management.

I have looked at it from all angles and still cant’s wrap my mind around why those opposed to President Jammeh and his government, especially the bias ECOWAS mediating group, don’t want to give the APRC government the benefit of the doubt. That’s why I decided to again walk every interested, one step at a time, through what exactly went wrong in the Gambia’s-December 1, 2016 presidential election.

Indeed, President Jammeh concede defeat on the results that were automatically gathered that evening from the polling centers where every contender had a representative. Votes were cast and counted on the spot at every station and were verified by election officials before the figures were forwarded to the stakeholder’s and IEC’s compiling centers.

So, when the last figures arrived at the APRC data-collection center around 3:00 am, December 2nd 2016, President Jammeh speaking before all his cabinet ministers together with some of the foreign ambassadors present, including me, strongly made it clear to all of us that the APRC had lost the election to the opposition Coalition Party candidate Mr. Adama Barrow and that he was going to concede defeat and certainly hand over the government in January. We were all saddened and shocked by the unexpected defeat.

However, the figures directly collected from the polling stations showed that Mr. Barrow defeated President Jammeh with a difference in votes of 18,978, the exact numbers the president quoted in his concession speech before calling and congratulating Mr. Barrow for his unquestionable victory. As far as the president was concerned, given the digital system of tallying the records, there was no room for any error that could have changed those first numbers.

And again, this was a system that allowed no room for errors, let alone, any attempt to alter the figures with fictitious numbers that they ended up using, anyway. Nevertheless, by the time they were through with joggling the numbers to suit the ones mentioned by the president in his concession speech, they had still missed the exact figure with a difference between the winner and the loser changed to 19,221 showing another error of 243 votes.

Chairman of the IEC

That is why when on December 5, 2016, the IEC chairman instead of going back to the Television to transparently explain the discrepancies, decided to invite the stakeholders’ representatives to their office and wanted them to endorse the corrected errors but still insisted that Mr. Barrow won, the APRC representatives refused to accept till further verified.

How the published results changed from Mr. Barrow originally having 263,515 votes to 227,708 votes and President Jammeh from 212,099 votes to 208,730 votes shows an arithmetical puzzle way beyond Albert Einstein’s analytical mind. Only Mr. Alieu Momarr Njie, the IEC chairman could explain and understand it. Numbers from nowhere got added and subtracted in the system that totally compromised the credibility of the entire elections.

Even if we want to give the IEC the benefit of the doubt on their claim that they mistakenly transposed the total votes cast in the Basse Administrative Area to the votes received by all the individual contenders, one finds it practically impossible to square how after subtracting that constant the result showing Mr. Barrow’s numbers decreasing by 35,807 votes, President Jammeh’s by 3,612 and Mr. Kandeh’s by 13,201.

That’s a total negation of the logic of constants in mathematical equations? One will expect that with the explanation offered by the IEC that “certain figures were inadvertently transposed in the Basse Administrative Area alone…”
“…….an error repeated across for the other contesting candidates”, the 35, 807 votes dropped in Mr. Barrow’s total figures would have been the same for both President Jammeh’s and Mr. Kandeh’s final numbers. Shouldn’t it be that?

A rig-proof election system cannot be credited as being one when the results are fraught with such stupid mistakes.

President Jammeh

However, with the Senegalese government leading the campaign against the APRC government in this crisis, they have been doing everything at their means for the international community not to know the facts while spreading the false allegation that President Jammeh lost the election, conceded defeat and from nothing explainable just changed his mind to stay in power.

They don’t care if it takes using military force to invade the Gambia and force him out without regards to his popular support base and the potential unintended consequences at stake.

In 1981 Senegal invaded the Gambia for their selfish political ambitions but were later forced to leave the country they unpopularly occupied for eight years. All that they could now be remembered for in that failed adventure are the mass graves left behind, packed with thousands of innocent Gambian women, men and children slaughtered in the battle to take over Banjul for the PPP government.

Without doubt, another military incursion in the country supposedly led by Senegal again may result in more mass graves of slaughtered innocent Gambians, probably in tens of thousands this time; but at the end of the day, the ambition of Senegal to permanently taking over the Gambia will never happen.

We have begun a new year 2017. Gambians at home have celebrated it with joy and happiness but are also cognizant of this special time when the peace, security and prosperity they have been enjoying for so long is under threat by an international campaign to disrupt it in what definitively amounts to interfering in the internal affairs of a small and helpless nation.

Their obsession for regime change in the Gambia even if it means starting an unjustified war in a very peaceful Sub-region, leaves many questioning whether arms-manufacturing countries are not involved in fermenting another new major crisis for more profitable weapons sale.

Many new weapons were tested in Syria, Yemen, Libya and other war zones that they helped in creating and maintaining; adding the Senegambia region for more profit only hurts the inhabitants but helps surge profits in Wall-Street arms-trafficking stocks.

May the Almighty Allah bless us all in this new year of the Lord 2017 and protect our president His Excellency President Jammeh.
Long live the Islamic Republic of the Gambia!
Long live the Gambia people!
Long live His Excellency Sheikh Professor Doctor, Alhagie, Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh, Babillimansa, Commander-in-Chief of the Gambia Armed and Security forces.

The author is a former Lieutenant Colonel and commander of the Gambia National Army. He is  also the Gambia’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations