President Jammeh

(JollofNews) – President Yahya Jammeh has terminated the appointment of 12 high profile Gambian diplomats after they publicly failed to back his bid to hang on to power.

The ambassadors including Dembo M. Badgie​ in Beijing, Sheikh Omar Faye in Washington, Momodou Badgie​ in Ankara, Elizabeth Ya Eli Harding​ in London, Dr. Mamadou Tangara in New York, Momodou Aki Bayo​ in Moscow, Teneng Mba Jaiteh​ in Brussels, Momodou Pa Njie​​ in Dakar,  Lang Yabou​​ in Madrid,  Masanneh N. Kinteh​​ in Havana, Abdou Jarju​​​​ in Bissau and Mass Axi Gai​​​​ in Addis Ababa last month distanced themselves from Mr Jammeh and urged him to handover power peacefully to opposition candidate  Adama Barrow

Mr Barrow was declared winner of last month’s election after he secured more than 45% of the vote according to the country’s electoral commission.

Mr Jammeh had initially conceded defeat and praised the country’s electoral system as rigged proof. He changed his mind a week later and declared the results null and void citing huge and unacceptable mistakes by the electoral commission.

He also ordered security forces to take over the headquarters of the electoral commission shortly afterwards. He is also challenging the results at the supreme court and is  asking judges to declare him winner of the election.

But the diplomats said Mr Jammeh’s rejection of the election results has the potential of undermining the peace and stability that the Gambia is renowned for.

Mr Jammeh’s mandate is due to end on January 18th, he has so far refused calls to step down.