Jammeh waving goodbye to his friends, family and supporters

(JollofNews) – Gambia’s former president, Yahya Jammeh has sent a letter to his successor, Adama Barrow wishing him and his administration well and readiness to give advice and support when needed.

Mr Jammeh who was defeated in last month’s presidential election left into exile on Saturday after as part of a deal brokered by regional group Ecowas. As part of the deal, him and his closed associates were given immunity and safe pass out of the country. He was also allowed to take personal items including luxurious vehicles.

Prior to leaving Banjul, Mr Jammeh wrote an open letter to Mr Barrow stating: “As I have already stepped down as President of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia, I hereby wish President Adama Barrow all the best from the bottom of my heart. The Almighty Allah has decided and I will be found wanting if I as a Muslim and a former President do not sincerely wish him and his administration all the best. For the welfare of all Gambians, anytime my advice and support is needed by President Adama Barrow; I am ready to offer him sincere advice and services.

On this note, I hereby donate to President Adama Barrow all the rice that is harvested at my Vision 2016 farms, that is the entire harvest for him to give to the women who have been helping at the farms in Central River Region (CRR) as seed rice as most of them had no harvest at all due to the floods.

I hereby appeal to President Adama Barrow and his administration to support Vision 2016 on behalf of the women as this is the only way to ensure food self-sufficiency. “Growing what you eat and eating what we grow.”

On this note, I hereby also appeal to President Barrow to do everything possible to encourage Colonel Baldeh to come back and continue to manage the Vision 2016 Farms as he has an excellent rapport with all the women from different communities that come to work on the farms otherwise it will fail; and this will be a catastrophic blow to the women of CRR and beyond who depend on the Vision 2016 farms not only for quality seed rice given to them free of charge, but Colonel Baldeh have been ensuring that the Vision 2016 tractors plough these women’s fields on time and free of charge thereby boosting their production by also 95% yearly.

To conclude, I call on President Barrow to come in immediately and take over the supreme responsibility of President, Head of State, Commander- in-Chief and First Citizen of our Republic.”