Ebrima Sillah

(JollofNews)An international journalist and communications for development consultant has denied reports of his appointment as Gambia’s minister of Information and Communication.

Ebrima Sillah said the reports are false and he has never lobbied for any position in the new government of Adama Barrow.

Mr Barrow who was sworn-in last month as Gambia’s third president is vetting out potential candidates for some of the vacant positions in his government.

But writing on his Facebook page, the former BBC Africa correspondent who fled the Gambia after several failed attempts on his life by agents of the former regime of Yahya Jammeh, said his contribution in the political struggle against Mr Jammeh’s regime was not to seek for reward or compensation.

“Rather most of us joined the sstruggle to liberate our country from the yolk of tyranny,” he said.

I salute all those who stood shoulder to shoulder with their fellow countrymen and women to bring down one of the world’s worst dictatorships. This victory belongs to us all. Our next job is to ensure that we guard it jealously.”

The respected journalist added: “All those who are closed to me especially in our UDP caucus will tell you that I have repeatedly turn down offers, albeit humbly, to serve in the current government in different capacities as per my professional competence. And that’s why I was shocked by the rumor of my appointment as minister even though I was never consulted or contacted over it.

As a foot soldier, I fully support the development efforts of the current government whose coming to power I fully participated in. I intend to do my best for my country outside the control of the government bureaucracy. And I have repeatedly made this known to all those who have had private discussions with me on issues related to this present government. That’s where I believe I can serve while remaining relevant and critical.”