Gambia’s new president Adam Barrow

(JollofNews)– Despite crying out to donors that he has inherited an economy that is virtually bankrupt and in need of immediate restoration due to mismanagement of the country’s finances, Gambia’s new president Adama Barrow is spending millions of Dalasis in hotel bills.

Mr Barrow who succeed long-term ruler Yahya Jammeh last month, is currently using the luxurious five-star Kairaba Hotel as his main office building pending the completion of work at the State House.

But despite  appealing for emergency budget support  to rescue the country’s ailing economy, millions of tax payers money is being spent on hotel bills for the president, according to an invoice published in the Freedom Newspaper.

According to the invoice covering between 30th January and 3rd February, the cost of running the Gambia’s new presidency at the Kairaba Hotel has cost the tax payers D563,750.00.

Between the above period, records shows that D15,000 was spent on mineral water and D125,000 on breakfast including coffee, tea, juice, hot snacks and sandwiches.

President Barrow’s Hotel Invoice (Courtesy of Freedom Newspaper)

D148,750 was also spent to feed the president and 34 other people.  D850 was paid for each individual for for every  lunch which included a selection of hot food including fish, meat or chicken courses, pasta station, assorted vegetables, rice, potatoes and fruits.

The Office of the President also paid D175,000 to use the hotel’s main conference room, Jaama Hall, while D100,000 was paid for using communication rooms  2, 4, 5 and 6.

The hotel did not charge for breakfast and dinner for the president’s security team and for the use of three offices by the Vice President and two others.

The huge spending on the presidency is likely to anger many Gambians living on less than one US Dollar a day who had massively voted for change.

During his election campaign, Mr Barrow accused his predecessor of living a flamboyant lifestyle and wasting millions of tax payers money on festivities. He promised to introduce responsible spending and financial discipline in the heart of government.