Sulayman Bah
Sulayman Bah

(JollofNews)- I am of the view that politically motivated appointments for ‘political positions’, should be distinguished from public service appointments. The Barrow government should show signs of ethical standards.

GRTS is established by an act of parliament to serve the public by providing independent, impartial and honest news/information through great editorial and ethical standards.

GRTS should pursue stories that are to the ‘Public Interest’, journalistically motivated and should not campaign for anyone or give prominence to anyone agenda.

GRTS should be independent from the ruling government and partisan interest. Therefore, would Sillah, our senior comrade who is a member of the United Democratic Party (UDP) be able to oversee an institution of this nature? Is Sillah not already emotionally attached to the Barrow administration?

I have no doubt that he has the required professional experience to oversee GRTS, but for ethical reasons and his previous engagement in partisan politics, Sillah should be reassigned to political portfolios and the vacancy should be advertise for qualified suitable professionals.

Ebrima Sillah

However, Sillah also has the option to resign from the UDP and make a public declaration of his resignation, which could be seen as a step of showing no interest or commitment to his employer (Barrow) and start building a reputation of impartiality, fairness and integrity through programming output.

The new GRTS should completely be to the public service and not even praise singing songs for politicians should be played by the broadcaster.

Sillah is a fine and open minded gentleman I have great respect for and as a former BBC staff; I believe he understands my bond of contention.