Madi Jobarteh

(JollofNews) – As we move towards the National Assembly elections on April 6, we will catalogue the series of crimes committed by APRC and its parliamentarians for Gambians to know that the greatest enemy of the Gambia was none other than the APRC led by Yaya Jammeh and APRC NAMs. Voting for APRC therefore means not only bringing back dictatorship but also defending the rape, torture, enforced disappearance and killing of Gambians and the plunder of public wealth.

This is the party of torturers, rapists and killers of innocent Gambians and looters and plunderers of Gambia’s wealth. In its 22 years of tyranny the most powerful base of Yaya Jammeh are his APRC National Assembly Members. They are the ones who butchered our constitution in every imaginable way just to make Yaya Jammeh a de facto brutal king over Gambians.

These APRC NAMs condoned, defended, justified and supported each and every abuse of power and each and every crime committed by Yaya Jammeh and his thugs against innocent Gambians. How then can any Gambian return an APRC candidate back to our National Assembly?

Gambians must not forget the trauma and sense of insecurity inflicted on the people by Yaya Jammeh. Yaya Jammeh was a violent predator who practically and directly threatened each every Gambian, regardless of whether one was an APRC supporter or not. He had subjected every citizen to fear and indeed everyone was vulnerable and at risk of being arrested, dismissed, tortured and killed. Whether one was a civil servant or a security officer, a businessman or woman, a child or an imam or priest or just a private citizen, no one ever felt safe under Yaya Jammeh. Every Gambian was a potential victim. In that environment of insecurity, trauma and fear, it was the APRC NAMs who were the powerbase of the Regime of Yaya Jammeh, which they defended and entrenched.

These APRC NAMs defended Yaya Jammeh in a number of ways. Where they should speak up for the Gambia, they kept silent. Where they should stand up for the Gambia, they sat down. Where they should defend citizen rights, they allowed Yaya Jammeh to destroy them. Where they should protect our public wealth, they allowed Yaya Jammeh to plunder, as he liked. APRC NAMs deserve no place in our National Assembly. Ever.

We will catalogue their crimes against the Gambia.

God bless the Gambia.

By Madi Jobarteh