(JollofNews) -This position of the Government of The Republic of The Gambia is so correct, so to the point, so measured and temperate in its delivery that it needs to be publicised and commended.

It is also Minsiter DA Jawo’s first statement as the official spokesman of the government since his appointment – and it just goes to show his seasoned professionalism and undoubted maturity.

Statement from the Minister of Information:

DA Jawo

“It has been brought to our attention that an inadvertent request was recently made for government vehicles to partake in the ongoing campaign for the National Assembly elections without any authority or clearance from the office of the President.

This is quite at variance with the policy and comportment of this government and therefore, as soon as it came to the notice of the competent authorities, the two vehicles in question were immediately withdrawn and returned to their respective units of assignment.

On behalf of the government, I wish to make it categorically clear to all concerned that there should be a clear distinction between State matters and partisan politics and henceforth, the two should be treated as separate entities. The use of government vehicles and other State resources for purely partisan politics is a thing of the past which shall no longer be condoned.”

Hon. Demba A Jawo, Minister of Information and Communication Infrastructure.