Omar Jallow (left) and Lawyer Ousainou Darboe (right)

(JollofNews) – As the political bickering in the Gambia’s coalition government continues ahead of next month’s parliamentary elections, Omar Amadou (OJ) Jallow of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has launched a ferocious attack on Lawyer Ousainou Darboe of the United Democratic Party (UDP) accusing him of being more concerned about the survival of his party than the peace and stability of the Gambia.

Agriculture minister Jallow said Foreign Affairs Minister Darboe has put the interest of his party ahead of the Gambia. He accused his ministerial colleague of being the cause of the division and bickering in the heart of the coalition government.

Party leaders of the Gambia’s coalition government are embroiled in a bitter political infighting following their failure to agree on a common platform to contest the parliamentary election.

Explaining how the problem started at a weekend rally in Abuko, Mr Jallow said : ” As the coalition parties had signed an agreement to governed the country for only three years before holding fresh general elections, I  suggested to my fellow party leaders that we should put up independent candidates for the parliamentary elections just like we did in the last presidential election in the interest of peace and stability.

“I made it clear to them that in my position as leader of the PPP, I will never hesitate to sacrifice my party for the interest and security of the Gambia. As leader, I am more interested in the political stability of the Gambia and the safety of Gambians and my children.”

Mr Jallow added: “Sadly, my suggestion was flatly rejected by Lawyer Darboe on the grounds that his party, the UDP, would die if it does not contest the election. He [Darboe] insisted that he will put up UDP candidates for the election and this is the cause of our problem.”

Mr Jallow said he is struggling to understand how the UDP leader could love his party more than the Gambia.

“How can you have more love to your party than country?” he asked. ” I want Gambians to know that the PPP is under the leadership of the coalition government of President Adama Barrow and we would not never have been in this turmoil today if other party leaders have accepted my proposal.”

The people leader said being in a coalition government would not result in the death of any governing party.

“We have seen a coalition government in neighbouring Senegal which was in power for eight years without  any of the governing party dying,” he said. “The PPP was banned from active politics in the Gambia from 1994 to 2001 and but it is still very alive and kicking today.”