Dida Halake

(JollofNews) -For those unaware this is what happened on 23 March 2017. First, Justice Minister and Attorney General, Ba Tambedou, called a press conference and criticised the haste with which the police investigated, arrested and charged the NIA 9 in the case of Solo Sandeng’s murder. The police are as we all know under the Interior Ministry.

Then, Interior Minister Mai Fatty responded with a press release congratulating the police actions – and pointed out that if the NIA 9 had not been arrested as soon as possible they would have absconded and left the jurisdiction of The Gambia.

It is clear from social media discussions that 99% of Gambians support Mai Fatty for ensuring that these particular individuals were arrested and charged as soon as possible.

Ba Tambedou has a different approach: “… encouraging open discussions about the past and fostering national reconciliation through the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Any action, particularly in these early days, must be geared towards achieving that objective. Any other action that runs contrary to this spirit at this moment in time is both unwise and potentially dangerous. As leaders, we will have to make some hard choices. Difficult decisions form part of the burden of leadership. We must lead by example and at times, even lead public opinion in the supreme national interest”.

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