(JollofNews) – The Gambia’s online journalism chief Pa Nderry Mbai has again gone beserk.

He has done what he is at best at: insulting, provoking, fanning seeds of hatred and tribalism. The bad boy is simply rotten, and nothing can sanitise him. The problem could have been his upbringing, lack of understanding of cultural sensitivities, filthiness or rudeness. But we cannot fold our hands and allow one rotten soul to destroy our hard-earned success.

Everyone knows that the coalition’s victory symbolises defeat of Yahya Jammeh’s hatred, tribalism and discrimination. His painful insults and threats to wipe out Mandinkas have rallied patriotic Gambians from all the tribes, cultures and religions to red card the rotten soul. Even APRC supporters admitted their leader had crossed the red lines.

Now that Jammeh is gone, the goal should be how to clean up the mess, which is hard and complicated. We need to heal the wounds inflicted by Jammeh. The wounds that are left opened will not heal themselves. This is why the role of the media – I mean responsible media – is crucial at this point in time. We are in times of uncertainty; all we need to do is to unite our diverse people, cool down the tempers before we get on the road to justice and ultimate reconciliation.

We don’t expect the road to be rosy but if South Africans can do it, I see no reason why Gambians cannot. We are more socially, culturally and religiously attached than any country.

But for us to get the job done we must not leave the likes of Pa Nderry M’bai to put sand on our already cooked soup. In fact, this is a guy who had damned and vigorously campaigned against elections. He had never supported the coalition. We might be independent journalists but our situation called for everyone to fight and defeat Jammeh. Neutrality here depicts hypocrisy.

If Pa Nderry M’bai doesn’t want Jammeh to go for whatever reason is understandable but what is not acceptable is to allow him to become another Jammeh. Gauging by his behaviour, he has taken over from Jammeh. Both of them have proven to be dirty tribalists who bully anyone who disagrees with them. That’s not the type of journalism one should be proud of. I assume that is not the attitude his parents taught him either.

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