Mariam Denton

(JollofNews) – Gambia’s new speaker of the National Assembly has vowed during her first media interview to remain impartial in her duties.

Mariam Denton, who was elected to the top post on Tuesday, said she will use her position to ensure that bills sent to the National Assembly are properly scrutinised in the best interest of the Gambia.

“We expect healthy debate – everything will be properly scrutinised in the best interests of the country to make sure we don’t have bad laws,” she said in telephone interview on Friday with Daniel Finnan of Radio France International (RFI).

“We have to be fair to all sides of the house, everybody will have his or her own share, we’re not going to allow anybody to dominate.”

Ms Denton whose dad, Alieu Jack, was also a speaker of the National Assembly during the PPP regime of Sir Dawda Jawara, said she felt extremely emotional to learn of her appointment as National Assembly speaker.

She added: “I feel highly honoured, it’s a great privilege, it’s quite a vindication. I’ve always been a member of the United Democratic Party, very critical of Jammeh to the point that I was arrested and incarnated for 111 days at Mile Two. Indeed it’s a great turn of events, it was destined that way.”