President Barrow and the Class 30 Group of Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College

(JollofNews) – The Gambia’s deputy Chief of Defense Staff, Major General Yankuba Drammeh, Tuesday introduced the syndicate of Class 30 from Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College to President Adama Barrow at his office.

The visiting students are from Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Togo, Ghana and The Gambia.  They comprised of 22 personnel amongst them 16 staff students and 6 instructors.   Amongst the students were two females from Ghana and Namibia.

Deputy CDS Drammeh said the students are working on their research project in the Gambia as part of a programme on theme “emerging case studies in Africa”.  He added that the higher learning system in the military will prepare them to handle command.

On his part, deputy command and team leader, Brigadier General Boimah Augustine Komla, informed the Gambian leader that the students are working on their master’s programme, and he expects the research to shed light on security challenges and lessons to be drawn from the Gambian case study.

Receiving the syndicate of Class 30, the Gambian head of state and commander –in-chief of the Armed Forces and minister of Defense, Adama Barrow, expressed delight in receiving the group as “the military family” and emphasized the importance of togetherness.

The president pointed out that a government cannot be run without security.  He observed that the military has gone a long way to produce high ranking officials, thus instilling professionalism in their work.

He recalled that the Gambia benefited from such professionalism during the impasse.  He further asserted that the ECOWAS intervention in the Gambia was because it was perceived as an African problem that needed an African solution.

President Barrow encouraged the students to work with professionalism as this will bring Africa closer.

On behalf of his colleagues, Major Daniel Otobara thanked President Barrow and expressed pride in meeting him.  He said the visit will leave a lasting memory in them and programme will further enhance the bilateral and multilateral relations amongst Africans.