President Barrow and his cabinet

(JollofNews) – Cabinet ministers of the Gambia have used a three-day retreat at the luxurious Coral Beach Hotel to set out key governance policies.

The ministers said over the coming the years, they will use their various offices to accelerate the socio-economic development of the Gambia by prioritising the accelerate economic revival and transformation underpinned by strong economic management; robust institutional development, reinforce the enabling environment for the private sector, and domestic and foreign investment; expand the industrial sector, trade and regional integration; redynamise the tourism and fisheries sectors; and ensure effective land use planning and management.

They also pledged to promote investments in infrastructure and energy, modernise and revitalise the agricultural sector and agribusiness, with the aim of achieving food security and rural development, promote youth development and employment, ensure the safety and security of all Gambians, provide health care and education systems, mobilise domestic and external resources to support development efforts, strengthen citizens’ engagement in governance and development, with attention to gender equality and empowerment of women and youth, enhance rule of law and justice, and establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to promote social cohesion and durable peace; and end the Gambia’s isolation and strengthen its relationships with other countries in the sub-region, the continent and the rest of the world.

The cabinet ministers pledged to perform their duties guided by the principles of probity, accountability and transparency, inclusivity, justice and rule of law, effective civil service delivery, patriotic altruism, togetherness, resort to legal means for dispute resolution, pragmatism, openness to new ideas and criticism, detribalisation, modesty in lifestyle and collaboration with regional, continental and international stakeholders.

During the retreat, which was aimed at creating a platform where relationships of trust and communication between key leadership is strengthened to help restore social harmony, the ministers were addressed by President Adama Barrow, who commended the meeting for recognising the importance of peace and reconciliation as an essential requirement for democratic stability and economic development.

The president urged his cabinet to strengthen the capacities of their ministries, create policies to ensure transparency and accountability of public officials, enhance youth employment; promote women’s equality and empowerment, ensure judicious use of state resources and to demonstrate high standards of integrity.