Ex-President Yahya Jammeh

(JollofNews)- Three brothers of Gambia’s former long-term ruler Yahya Jammeh are being questioned by Gambian authorities.

Araba Jammeh, Jalamang Jammeh and Sainey Jammeh all of Kanilai Village were questioned on Wednesday by detectives at the police headquarters in Banjul for several hours.

The men were first questioned at the police station in Bwiam for several hours before being asked to voluntarily report to the police headquarters where they were again questioned.

Police said the Jammeh brothers have not been arrested or detained.

“They were invited to the police  headquarters  for questioning with regards to certain information investigators need to know,” said police spokesman Foday Conta.

Unlike other developed countries, Gambian security officers can invite people for questioning at various security posts without informing them what they are being summoned for.

Also people who are being questioned can be kept in custody for hours or several days without the right to a lawyer and cannot give a no comment interview.

Human right groups have catalogued reports were suspects have revealed that they were tortured and forced into making confessions by police and other security officers.

Until the demise of the Jammeh regime in January, the Jammeh brothers were untouchable.

And while they have not been accused of any rights abuse which has characterised their brother’s 22-year rule, they were revered by people in their community.