Mamma Kandeh, GDC leader

(JollofNews) – Please kindly allow me to respond to a statement made by the leader of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) published on Freedom Newspaper in which Mr Kandeh claimed that “President Barrow’s government is worst than the former Dictator Yaya Jammeh’s regime of terror “.

Mr Kandeh’s statement was not only a dishonest remark but it also exposed a character of a politician who careless about the truth and reality of present Gambia’s situation.

Since the inception of GDC, Gambians have heard many stories and theories about the leadership of the party whose founder was once a formidable player in the APRC party. Many believed at the time that Mamma Kandeh was not interested in change of regime but was actually sponsored by Dictator Yaya Jammeh to divide the opposition coalition and help Jammeh win the election.  Whatever the conspiracy theories may have said about him, what is known is that Mr Kandeh has totally disregarded the rule of law and constitution when he was in the National Assembly for ten years.

Mr Kandeh and GDC were rejected by Gambians during the past elections and his continuous disregard to free and fair electoral process and unsubstantiated claims of electoral fraud is a testament and character of a man who has no regard to truth, justice and laws, which serves as a bedrock for any genuine democratic political leader.

The GDC leader failed to recognize that the current administration is only four months into office and by every measure or indicator, this regime cannot be compared with Jammeh’s 22 years of military dictatorship characterized by gross human rights violations and economic deterioration.

Mr Kandeh is indeed a political opportunist who will shamelessly say and do anything just to get attention. The leadership of the GDC has played a critical role in constitutional entrenchment of military dictatorship in the Gambia. He is not only a dishonest political opportunist but a disgraced leader who has supported and advocated for the dictatorial policies and laws in the Gambia for ten years in the National Assembly.
It is very clear that Mr Kandeh’s comparison and indication that the current administration is worst than Jammeh’s regime of terror is further evidence that he is a national disgrace who careless about the truth.

Since President Barrow was elected, we have seen remarkable changes in political, economic and social development of the Gambian people. Politically, Mr Kandeh can freely express his ignorance and unsubstantiated claims without any consequences . It is the beauty of democracy to have constitutional rights of freedom of expression and association which Mr Kandeh  has helped the former Dictator Yaya Jammeh to deny Gambians.

Gambians would  recall that one of Mr Kandeh’s supporters, Tina Faal, was arrested and frivolously charged prior to last December elections because of her association with his party at the time. Now we have the leader of the same political party claiming  that President Barrow’s government “is worst than Dictator Yaya Jammeh’s regime of oppression” is indeed highest level of hypocrisy and blatant disregard to general welfare of Gambians.

Here is a leader who has given blind eye to all the atrocities committed under his watch as a National Assembly member. Mr Kandeh’s comparison of the current government to 22 years of military dictatorship is also an insult to the intelligence of Gambian people.
Today , fathers , mothers, sons and daughters in every major town and small village can go to bed without worrying about their loved ones being kidnaped in the middle of the night. As we speak,  a numbers of unmarked graves which the police are working hard to unearth so that victims and their families can have final closure and religiously fitting burials.

The question I have for GDC and its leadership, is “Do GDC leadership think  that Gambian people are stupid enough to go back to 22 years of terror and economic prostitution which Mr Kandeh built his political career on? I don’t think so . Therefore, the GDC leadership and surrogates must acknowledge that they must first take  personal responsibility for their failures in lack of vision and foresight when they supported and advocated for 22 years of constitutional entrenchment of military dictatorship in the Gambia .
Mamma Kandeh is morally and politically not qualified to lead a decent political party in the Gambia.

Maxs Jarju