Dr Binneh Minteh

(JollofNews) – The emerging situation in Foni requires a firm policy response on the part of the transition government. The question here is the legitimacy and illegitimacy of their agenda. Evidently their call against ECOMIG forces is unconstitutional, illegitimate and poses a threat to the peace and security of the state.

ECOMIG has a solid international mandate to protect the legitimate aspirations of citizens and enforce Peace and Security in any part of the Gambia.

Protesting against the presence of ECOMIG forces is therefore a blatant transgression of the legitimate aspirations of citizens and a threat to the peace and stability of the State.

With the intermittent eruption of tension in Foni since the collapse of the Jammeh dictatorship, the new administration must adopt a zero tolerance policy for all mobilization efforts threatening peace and Security. And this must include protest efforts against regional forces or court ordered laws to surrender frozen assets of the disgraced former President.

Perhaps it is time to be tougher.

By Dr Binneh S Minteh