Njundu Drammeh

(JollofNews) – ECOWAS is just that….. You helped to restore​ democracy in The Gambia but then yesterday you elected a dictator as your Chair, a man, the President of Togo, who voted against your plan to institute a two-term limit in our region.

Adding insult to injury, you invited Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel to your meeting as if you don’t know his brutality and destruction in Palestine, as if you care less about the precious lives he is daily taking. You helped the Gambia but tacitly supporting the human rights violations of other people. Triple hypocrisy.

And yes, Netanyahu has restored full diplomatic ties with Senegal “broken” after that country sponsored a resolution on Palestine at the UN (he and Macky Sall had a side meeting at the ECOWAS summit). Why? Because he needs Senegal’s support for a non-voting seat in the Security Council.

Don’t tell me this is realpolit. Or that foreign policy is devoid of conscience and morality.

Guess my grandmother is right: one cannot be a politician and remain principled and honest.