Madi Jobarteh

(JollofNews) – Blessed Koriteh to you all and our families. May Allah answer our prayers and accept our fast and shower blessings on us all and our beloved Gambia and Africa and throughout the world. We thank Allah for the good health and strength and the resources He gave us to carry this Glorious Ramadan to its noble conclusion. We pray to Allah to strengthen our good health and grant speedy recovery to the sick and give eternal rest in peace for the departed souls in Janatul Firdausi. Amen.We thank Allah for making us witness the first Koriteh in 22 years without force and violence by a despotic ruler. Therefore we thank Allah for the fortitude and determination He gave us to end 22 years of brutal Dictatorship. We pray to Allah to make us stronger to become even better human beings with strong faith in our values and standards so as not to allow another tyrannical ruler and bad government to emerge ever again in the Gambia. We pray to Allah to enable all African people to overthrow through peaceful means all immoral and brutal tyrants and bad governments out of the continent sooner than later before the next Koriteh.

We pray to Allah that on or before the next Koriteh that Yaya Jammeh be brought back to the Gambia to account for the destruction of the lives and the looting of the properties of Gambians under his tenure. We pray to Allah that he and his accomplices pay back the damage that they caused to the Gambia without provocation. We pray to Allah that they account for their betrayal of the Gambia when they paid our people with blood and tears for the love and support that our people rendered to them willingly and unreservedly.

We pray to Allah that Adama Barrow learns from the lives and leadership of Dawda Jawara and Yaya Jammeh so that he will be become a better, a more honest, a more open, a more compassionate and a more successful president. We pray to Allah that Adama Barrow sticks to his promise and maintains his humility and does not become arrogant and dishonest but to guide the Gambia through this transition to a new democratic dispensation in the Third Republic.

We pray to Allah that our intellectuals in business, religion, academia, media and civil society remain honest and patriotic and shun sycophancy and patronage and support and guide Adama Barrow and his government towards the common good of the Gambia. May God doom those intellectuals who will seek to subvert national interest and the public good just to secure their selfish interests by any means.

We pray that the Government of Adama Barrow will protect our rights and satisfy our needs and adhere to the rule of law as set out in our Constitution without fear or favour. May God expose and doom Adama Barrow and his Government if they betray the Gambia and damage the lives, rights and future of the Gambia particularly that of our children and youth and women.

We pray to God to make all Gambians lovers of freedom, equal rights and justice and a people who are ready and willing to stand up for human rights and democracy at all times. May God give us the awareness and the strength to fight to end forever the scourge of exploitation, oppression and deprivation in our land.

May peace and equality and happiness and prosperity grow and spread all throughout the land of the Gambia and Africa and the world. Amen.

We thank and praise Allah for all the good things that we have achieved as individuals, families and a nation! Alhamdulilah!! We seek for more of Allah’s forgiveness and blessings, forever and ever.

God Bless The Gambia.