Alagi Yorro Jallow

(JollofNews)- President Donald Trump fantasizes about suppressing Press Freedoms, among other civil liberties. He believed evidently that the president is like an absolute monarch, having said he thought being chief executive of the U.S. government would be easier than being a beauty pageant impresario and reality TV star.

The dumbing down of America is complete. The Americans have elected a reality show television celebrity as President of the United States, leader of the free world, and in turn have made a joke out of the real world and this country. He has dementia and is unfit to serve.

The President of the United States posted a video that shows him violently attacking a person with a CNN logo on their head. This is barely a month after a Republican Congressman body slammed a reporter and still won the election.

This is the behavior that eighty percent of Republican voters currently support. More importantly, this is the current state of the Republican party and their base of voters. They are literally unable to distinguish wrestling from reality. Donald Trump is President of the United States, and he is today officially an embarrassment to the United States of America.

But having authoritarian inclinations is one thing. Being a competent and determined authoritarian who calculates his moves, and who sees reality with clear eyes without deceiving himself with his own rhetoric, is another. Since he assumed the presidency, we can see this presidency is almost entirely in name only. What you see is all there is to see. Donald Trump is a hollow president.

There are no principles behind his actions. There are no values beneath the statements. Trump’s politics are gestural. His thinking is symbolic. His remarks are reactionary and contingent. He is indeed a thoroughgoing salesman.

Donald Trump

What the product is doesn’t matter. Who’s buying it doesn’t matter. How he’s selling it doesn’t matter. Why he’s selling it doesn’t matter. All that matters are getting the mark to believe everything he says is true. All that matters are getting to yes. Now.

It’s a sad state of affair when a person who has been elected to a high office, which should command respect, uses that office to demean others, with salacious and crude phrases, reflecting a mean spirit and small wit, denigrates that office ultimately to ridicule and disgust.

Donald’s words and actions by the position he holds will be part of the history of this nation. And the people he has sworn to lead and whose Constitution he has been bonded to uphold when he took that oath of office. Future generation of citizens will measure his words and actions and judge what will his legacy will be.

I genuinely fear for the journalists lives and safety. President Donald Trump is increasingly and violently radicalizing the more susceptible members of his base (and we know there are many them).

In the end, they’ll do his dirty work for him to take out the “enemy” in the name of “patriotism,” and President Trump will stand back and deny any culpability.

This is very dangerous and exactly what he wants! Americans must demand the Republicans in power do something before it is too late and innocent people are killed! This is a personal affront to all who fought and died for freedom of the press. It is an affront to decency everywhere.