Madi Jobarteh

(JollofNews)- First, APRC is not a banned party hence it has the right to conduct its activities in line with the law. Painful but that is the fact.

Second. The police must issue them a permit if they applied. The police have a duty and indeed they have means to maintain law and order. They can identify areas and streets for the APRC and also for those who also want to march for freedom against July 22.

Let us not buy the security argument to deny them the permit. After all if we are all committed to being non-violent then there will be no violence. Freedoms to assemble and association are entrenched rights in our Constitution.

Third. This is the most important. Let us not mark this infamous day as a day of protest. No. Let us mark it as a celebration of freedom and democracy. By protesting we are therefore saying that the APRC is in charge. By protesting we are showing that APRC is control of the space and the narrative. But that is false. APRC does not control the space and the narrative. We the majority of the people control the space and narrative since December 1.

Therefore let us not conduct and portray ourselves as if we are angry and protesting. Rather let us celebrate our freedom and expose the atrocities and corruption of Yaya Jammeh and AFPRC and APRC.

The day and the country belong to Gambians and not to APRC. They are not just the minority, but they are the criminals. They lack any moral foundation to exist. They have lost the legal and political legitimacy to exist. Hence let us not make them important by misconducting ourselves through any fight or protest. Let the police give them a permit and identify which streets or places they will organize. Then let us also organize on the other side away from them in peace, respect and tranquility.

After all we must bear in mind that any Gambian who supports APRC has a distorted sense of morality. Such a person has a questionable sense of patriotism. Such a person lacks any sense of truth and justice.

AFPRC and APRC supporters lack sensitivity and humanity. That evidence lies in the very history and nature of the APRC over 22 years of clear and blatant acts of rape, torture, murder, plunder and other heinous crimes perpetrated against Gambian children, youth, men and women of all walks of life.

Mr Jammeh being greeted by supporters

Hence let us teach and rescue those fellow citizens in that moral bankruptcy by the way we conduct ourselves. We killed the APRC Dictatorship in order to enjoy democracy, therefore let us play democracy and not tyranny as they did.

Let us be smart and responsible and demonstrate the highest sense of patriotism and democracy. We voted for Democracy on 1 December 2016. Let us consolidate our democracy and not allow a dying criminal cartel to turn us into oppressors like them.

God Bless the Gambia