Lamin Krubally

(JollofNews) –  A Gambian man who died last Wednesday in police custody died of serious injuries to the head, a medical report has revealed.

Lamin Krubally, 34, of Nema Kunku, Kombo North, was nicked and detained by police following a fight with one Lamarana Jallow.

Police said both Krubally and Jallow were initially arrested but a decision was later made after medical examination to release Jallow who sustained serious injuries in the fight on bail while Krubally who had minor injuries was charged and detained.

A police spokesman said while in detention, Krubally, a father of two, repeatedly hit his head against the wall and caused injuries to the head before the officers could get to him.

He added that by the time officers entered the cell, Krubally had already collapsed and was lying on the floor. He later died on the way to hospital and was laid to rest on Monday.

Meanwhile, Kurubally’s family have called on the government of Adama Barrow to launch an immediate inquiry into his death.

‘‘This is the most painful moment I have ever encountered. I have lost someone who is very supportive to me, our young children and his family relatives. We don’t know what happened at the police station and we want the police to tell us how my husband died,’’Krubally’s wife, Rohey Jarju said.

‘‘Now that he is gone who will pay the house rent and other needs for my children as I’m not  working at the moment?’’

The family said they are not satisfied with the medical results and the way in which the post-mortem examination was conducted.

Mr Faal, a brother to the deceased said he was barred from the room where the examination took place.

“We were at the hospital waiting for the doctor,  but they asked us to leave the room and allow them to do their work,” he said.

“The doctors later gave us a death certificate and asked us to go home until the following week when they post-mortem report would be finalised and send to the Inspector General of Police and Ministry of the Interior.”