(JollofNews) – Ladies and gentlemen, since after the declaration of my candidature for Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) Mayor, our inbox is filled with messages, countless people sharing the page.

On a daily basis, both the team on the ground and us in the diaspora receive phone calls from even unknown people offering to support – the reaction for our bid has been overwhelming.

We appreciate all of you and your believe in me not for anything but the remarkable record I had in leadership and national engagements through multiple opportunities I was availed in the last decade and half.

Nelson Mandela said “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lived” – This has been my hallmark as youth volunteer in the early 2000 and as a professional in the mid 2000 until date. My primary focus has always been to contribute, in my little ways to the personal development of people I come into contact with and to the advancement of my community and country.

From a community environmental and social justice advocate to a national activist for justice, good governance and rule of law, I have for 15 years, strived to maintain consistency in what I do no matter the conditions. From serving in the National Youth Council to handling Program Officer portfolio of an NGO coalition and worked with communities, traditional and women leaders from Banjul to Basse, Kartong to Lamin Koto. From holding training sessions for professionals in government, civil society, securities units, youth and children to the many international assignments, I sure did leave marks.

From a radio and TV broadcaster to serving as Councilor in KMC – the same Council I have been encouraged and I have humbly accepted to seek to return and serve as its Chairperson and Mayor of the Municipality. I know the challenges because I lived them myself growing up and living all my life in the suburbs of Ebo-Town.This is why I took that bold decision to return home and serve.

I submit myself to you, with a clear vision and plan on paper – in the form of a manifesto to seek for your endorsement and support so that together, we can manage a better council, one that is transparent and accountable, one that respect it staff and give them the tools to work. A council that returns tax money to it payers in the form of people driven socio-economic development initiatives and a municipality that prides itself as a clean, healthy and lively metropolis. All these we can do when we are united in purpose and working for the KMC we want.